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Representative Office in the South region is the representative unit of Vietnam Metrology Institute, responsible for assisting Leaders of the Institute to develop, enhance and promote activities of Vietnam Metrology Institute in Southern provinces;
Contact address: No. 92C6 – SAVIMEX Residence, Phu Thuan precint, 7 district, Ho Chi Minh city.
Tel.: 08 6262 3123      |     Fax.: 08 6262 3124

Functions and Tasks

- To introduce, promote the image of Vietnam Metrology Institute as well as activities in scientific research, measurement management and other measurement-related science and technical services in the South region;
- To accept, deploy, organize and perform tasks of verification, calibration, measurement of standards and measuring instruments; bid and provide equipment;
- To provide measuring science and technical consultancy, professional knowledge training as well as measuring services in Southern provinces;
- To build, develop and manage resources of Vietnam Metrology Institute in the South region;
- To perform other tasks commissioned by Leaders of Vietnam Metrology Institute.


Representative Office in the South region consists of four staffs, including three engineers and one graduate in economics.
Deputy chief of the secretariat, in charge of the Office: Mr Trinh Quang Nam

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