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Dr.Yu Dai Hyuk (Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science - KRISS) was visiting and working at Vietnam Metrology Institute

Update: 24/9/2015 | 6:17:26 AM  

To implement the cooperation program between Vietnam Metrology Institute ( VMI ) and the Research Institute Korea Standards and Science ( KRISS ), Dr. Dai Yu Hyuk – Head, Center for Time & Frequency, KRISS was visiting and working at VMI from May 20 to July 26, 2015

Dr. Dai Hyuk Yu has worked with the laboratory of time and frequency. During the work, representative of this lab introduced the standardized system of measurement Time & Frequency at VMI and showed the issues need to be improved, updated in order to fit the new requirements of CCTF, BIPM.

Dr. Dai Yu Hyuk presented about various issues related to measurement Time & Frequency such as traceability of measurement of Time & Frequency , the time-scale algorithm, maintaining the time scale UTC (k) of each country, atomic time TA, etc. Dr. Dai Yu also helped this lab edit and update the software to adjust UTC (VMI). Dr. Yu gave some scientific reviews and advice on construction standard system backup, making the replacement planning, addition some equipment and components in the standard system, etc.

In addition, two parties had in-depth exchanges in the field of measurement, set CMC, new trends of KRISS as well as the scientific community, international colleagues in the scientific measurement of Time & Frequency.

Ảnh: TS. Yu Dai Hyuk làm việc với Lãnh đạo Viện Đo lường Việt Nam

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(Source: NV-QLKH)

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